One of the great teachings of Tantra is to recognize spirit and flesh as precious and undivided components in each of us, honoring and cultivating both of them.

In these 4 meetings we will practice some of the treasures that Tantra has to offer to our experience of Western men and women.

You will increase your awareness and you’ll learn to expand pleasure in your everyday life and in your relationship with yourself and others.

You can participate to a single module, but, if you want to achieve a truly transformative effect, we suggest you to give yourself the whole journey.

Each workshop includes a brief theoretical introduction, followed by guided exercises and sharing of experiences and may sometimes provide a part of free exploration, in pairs or in groups.

1st module: The four keys of pleasure - Sunday 18th February

According to Tantra, there are four main keys for expanding pleasure: breath, voice, movement and awareness.

This meeting is dedicated to their development: you will learn techniques, exercises and meditations that you can use at home - individually or as a couple - to increase your vital energy and the ability of your body to experience pleasure.

2nd module: Male and female meeting - Sunday 11th March

A good balance of polarities, between masculine and feminine, is the basis of a healthy relationship with ourselves and with others.

In this meeting you will learn how these polarities exist within you, recognizing how they influence your behaviors and choices - whether you are in a couple or not - and how you can bring them back into balance in every area, enhancing sexuality, personal and professional life.

3rd module: The wheel of consent - Sunday 8th April

Are you able to say YES and NO at the right time? To clearly express your needs? To define your boundaries without getting invaded and without prevaricating?

Can you give and receive in equal or one part prevails over the other?

Can you ask what you want in a direct way?

The answers to these questions become crucial when you think about the quality of your sex and of your whole day.

The wheel of consent is an extraordinary compass to learn to move with awareness from one situation to another, improving the quality of your sexual encounters and all your personal and professional relationships.

4th module: Space to pleasure! - Sunday 6th May

Pleasure needs space: the more our body is free from tensions, the more the pleasure wave finds space to expand from the genitals to the rest of the body, making it a unique, extended erogenous zone and source of ecstasy.

In this meeting, you will learn about the 7 types of female orgasm, the 3 types of male orgasm and the practices that favor them, dissolving the tensions of the genital area and making more and more room for your pleasure.

Anaam Valentina Franchi

I am a counselor and a coach. I met Tantra on 2004 and I never left it, considering it a powerful way for personal evolution, mine and of the people I meet.

I trained in Italy and abroad, deliberately choosing tantra schools with a very different orientation (the so-called White, Red and Black Tantra), so as to have the widest possible experience of what Tantra can concretely offer to the modern western world.

With passion and enthusiasm I share the techniques and understandings that I have seen effectively work, for myself and for many others, on our journey towards pleasure and the full realization of our potential.


Tantra Retreat
18 Feb 2018 02:30 − 20:00

Tantra Retreat
17 Mar 2018 14:00 − 19:00

Tantra Retreat
7 Apr 2018 14:00 − 19:00

Tantra retreat
5 May 2018 14:00 − 19:00